8 Important Questions When Touring a Condo

If you are in the market for a luxury high-rise condo in Los Angeles, you will likely find yourself touring multiple buildings, maybe even back to back on the same day. To help you compare and determine which is the ideal fit for you, we have a checklist below of questions to ask when you are touring a condo.

What amenities does the building feature?8 Important Questions When Touring a Condo

Amenities are one of the crowning features of Los Angeles high rise condos, with many featuring resort-style rooftop pools, luxury residents' lounges, and state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Make note of the amenities in each building you tour, paying special attention to the amenities you imagine yourself using frequently.

What noise level can I expect?

Find out what kind of noise level you can anticipate if you were to purchase the condo. Take note of how much you can hear road noise or other residents during the tour, and think about the location of the building. Are you likely to hear nightlife or airplanes from the residence? What about noise curfews in the building?

What views can I enjoy from the unit?

Depending on the floor the unit you are touring is on, as well as where the building it is located, you may enjoy breathtaking views or something a little less awe-inspiring. Take note of the specific views from key places in the condo-like master bedroom, balcony, and living room.

How is the parking?

Parking in Los Angeles can be challenging, so the parking features of the building will be important. Find out if valet services are offered, whether guest parking is available, and how many spaces are included with the unit. In some cases, you may be able to purchase additional parking spaces if you'd like, so inquire about parking details at each building to determine whether it will work for you.

What are the rules?

Ask what the rules and policies are for residents in the building. Are pets allowed? If so, are there any restrictions? What about noise curfews or policies for guests using amenity spaces? And are owners permitted to offer their units as rentals, either for long-term tenants or nightly rentals? Any of these answers may be a deal-breaker, or no big deal, to you. Either way, it's smart to get the full picture of what kind of expectations are in place before moving forward with a condo in the building.

What amenities are present in the immediate neighborhood?

The location of the building is one of the primary features of the condo. Take some time to look at the surrounding area, looking for places you'll frequent. Is there a gym nearby that meets your expectations? Will you be looking for a local coffee shop where you'll become a regular? Perhaps being near vibrant nightlife is a must for you, or you want to live in a walkable area. Whatever your lifestyle and preference, there will be a high-rise condo in the right location; take your time to find the right one.

What is the security like in the building?

24/7 security is relatively standard in luxury Los Angeles condos. Find out whether there are armed guards on-site, cameras, or other security features. Inquire about guest policies and how guests access the building and elevators.

How do current residents like the building?

If you cannot ask a resident directly, request minutes from recent condo association meetings. Either way is an effective strategy to get an idea of how well management handles repairs, conflict, and concerns.

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